Large format, small camera

Fast and flexible

Embraced by the world’s leading filmmakers as soon as it was announced, the ALEXA Mini LF is ARRI’s flagship large-format camera.
Versatile and adaptable due to its compact size, low weight, and multiple recording formats, the Mini LF offers the best overall image quality for large format and an exciting new REVEAL Color Science post workflow.

Distinct and cinematic large-format aesthetic
Creative and practical advantages over smaller formats
Highest dynamic range of any large-format camera

Multiple recording formats

The ALEXA Mini LF offers a wide choice of recording formats, among them 4.5K Open Gate and anamorphic Super 35 that fulfills 4K mandates. Multiple frame lines can be used simultaneously, including a vertical 9:16 crop for social media that takes full advantage of the tall ARRI sensor. Ideal for multi-format shoots or whatever aspect ratio, resolution, and data rate suit your production, the Mini LF is truly cinematic, and truly flexible.